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Enpro - Unleashing Material Science to move humanity forward

Enpro Family of Companies

The Enpro Family of Companies

Enpro is a diversified manufacturer of proprietary engineered products used in critical applications across diverse end markets. 

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Enpro's Family of Companies in the Sealing Technologies Industry

Sealing Technologies


Garlock, high-performance fluid sealing and pipeline solutions

The Garlock family of companies is comprised of three businesses: Garlock Sealing Technologies, Garlock Pipeline Technologies (GPT), and Garlock Hygienic Technologies, which includes Rubber Fab and The Aseptic Group. Together, they provide high-performance fluid sealing and pipeline solutions with an emphasis on safety, longevity, and productivity. Garlock serves a diverse range of industries including pharmaceutical, food and beverage, pulp and paper, metals and mining, marine, water/wastewater, chemical processing, oil and gas, and power generation markets. 


Stemco, an Enpro Company

STEMCO manufactures and supplies high quality components to the heavy and medium-duty truck and trailer markets in North America. STEMCO is the leader in the design and manufacture of commercial vehicle wheel-end components. 


Technetics Group, Enpro family of companies

Technetics Group provides innovative solutions for the world's most critical and demanding applications, from semiconductor wafer production systems to nuclear reactor pressure vessels to jet engines. Technetics Group is a globally trusted source for differentiated technologies, engineered components, seals, assemblies, and subsystems that are custom designed for high-performance and extreme applications in the semiconductor, aerospace, nuclear, and other industries.

Enpro's Family of Companies in the Engineered Materials Industry

Engineered Materials


GGB Bearing and Coating Solutions for a variety of markets

GGB helps create a world of motion with minimal frictional loss through plain bearing and surface engineering technologies. With R&D, testing and production facilities in the United States, Germany, France, Brazil, Slovakia and China, GGB partners with customers worldwide on customized tribological design solutions that are efficient and environmentally sustainable. GGB’s engineers bring their expertise and passion for tribology to a wide range of industries, including automotive, aerospace and industrial manufacturing.


CPI, an Engineered Materials Enpro Company

CPI designs, manufactures, and markets precision-engineered components for large reciprocating compressors used in chemical plants, refineries and natural gas processing, and transportation facilities.

Enpro's Family of Companies in the Advanced Surface Technologies Industry

Advanced Surface Technologies


LeanTeq, an Advanced Surface Technologies Company

LeanTeq provides cleaning, coating, testing, refurbishment, and verification services for critical components and assemblies used in state-of-the-art advanced node semiconductor manufacturing equipment. LeanTeq offers a comprehensive suite of services that apply and rely upon highly differentiated, proprietary, and technology-enabled processes, market-leading process tool expertise, and broad materials proficiency. These capabilities extend the service life cycle of parts and shorten the time for cleaning chamber components.


Alluxa, an Enpro Advanced Surface Technologies company

Alluxa designs and manufactures specialized optical filters and thin-film coatings for the most challenging applications in the industrial technology, life sciences, and semiconductor markets. Its products are developed through a proprietary coating process using state-of-the-art, advanced equipment. Alluxa partners with customers across major end markets to provide customized, complex precision coating solutions through Alluxa's specialized technology platform and proprietary processes.


Technetics Semi, an Advanced Surface Technologies Enpro Company

Technetics Semi designs and manufactures complex front-end wafer processing sub-systems, new and refurbished electrostatic chuck pedestals, thin-film coatings, and edge-welded metal bellows for the semiconductor equipment, space, aerospace, and defense markets.

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